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We are living in extremely challenging and debilitating times. Sadly, COVID-19 has killed an untold number of people, businesses, dreams, and plans. So many professional lives have been decimated, put on hold, or shrouded by uncertainty and the lack of a clear and effective game plan for moving forward. Individuals everywhere have had the emotional and psychological wind knocked out of them, and they don't have the tools or skill sets to rise from the canvas with confidence, fight on, and seize the job or career path they want.

The positive news is that the pandemic has given individuals worldwide the golden opportunity to reflect, assess, and tweak or reboot their professional plans and dreams. Just as there have been many jobs and businesses that have been lost or severely hurt due to the pandemic, there are new and exciting opportunities for creative, insightful, and forward-looking individuals to seize, as well as new niches to identify and voids to fill.

In the pandemic and post-pandemic new world, most professions, businesses, and commerce will function differently. New models and paradigms of doing business will be put into place. So it is an excellent time to be a superior adapter to our ever-changing normal, and to professionally thrive in our new world by being a highly astute and effective Career Choreographer.

I have dedicated my professional life to envisioning what can be in individuals and enabling them to attain their most prized goals by virtue of their efficacious creation and implementation of their individualized choreographies. At a time such as this, when so many cannot find their way or visualize their endgames, or don't have the knowledge, skill set, or discipline to implement and stick with their career game plans, the Four Principles of Career Choreography are an invaluable asset.

Career clarity and success-evoking choreographies are also essential for anyone mired in a no-growth or an unsatisfying job or career; for those entering the workforce for the first time, or reentering it; and for those who aspire to attain huge success in their current positions. Additionally, with all the mediocrity and self-sabotage that pervade the workplace, those armed with the most constructive strategies and mindsets can truly excel. Almost everyone needs and can materially benefit from a Career Choreography.

I firmly believe that the difference between trying and triumph is an effective plan of action. With this insight firmly in mind, let's begin choreographing your game-changing plan of action!


Your goals are to make choices that reflect your greatest aspirations, and thereafter act consistently with those choices.


As we start to lay a rock-solid, success-attaining foundation, let's define some of the key terms in this book, so that we are both working with the same understanding.


There is a logical and success-evoking choreography—or set of steps—for everything we want to accomplish. For example, you apply sunscreen and put on a hat before going into the sun, not afterward. You do this because it is the logical sequence of events in attaining your goal of reducing the risk of sunburn.

Throughout my counseling career, I have found that by visualizing, devising, and implementing a success-evoking game plan, my clients and I have consistently been able to attain our most cherished goals. If the choreography that you've developed is effective, it will maximize your time, your efforts, your skills, and your potential. All great things!

One of the keys to becoming the most adept choreographer possible, and to maximizing your results, is to understand and appreciate the interrelationship among (1) your values and/or desires, (2) your time, and (3) your capacity or ability to attain what you want.

In essence, each choreography aspires to be a set of well-thought- out and uniquely personal steps that will maximize (1) your time, (2) your capabilities/abilities, and ultimately (3) your results.

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